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Wood Decking Steam Cleaning

When it's new, wooden decking looks smart and attractive, but after a few years of neglect it starts to look faded and dirty and the wooden decking can become dangerously slippery when wet.
This is because the grooves in the wooden decking become filled with grime and flora like algae and moss which stick firmly to the wood surface and are not easily removed by just washing or sweeping.

Cleaning wooden decking with a Steam Cleaner is not a quick or easy job especially if it has been neglected for a few years but it is well worth the effort because with a bit of hard work it is possible to bring the wood back almost too its original condition.

We use our years of experience and specialist steam cleaning equipment to bring your wooden decking back to how you remember it the day it was installed. We use the highest quality steam cleaners that have been specially designed to ensure not to damage your wooden decking and get it looking like new again.





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