Wet Sand and Shot Blasting
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Wet Sand and Shot Blasting

Sand blasting employs a high powered jet of air mixed with sand to create an abrasive force that removes dirt and paint from exterior walls, giving tired brickwork a new lease of life.
The shot blasting process has a wide variety of uses and applications and can be used on hardwoods to stress or clean them, giving the wood an antique effect. Oak framed buildings are commonly given this treatment. Whilst on brickwork, concrete or stone it is used to remove weathering effects or graffiti. 
For metal where heavy rust is present and has started to penetrate, shot blasting will clean and remove all rust, then once sealed or painted prevents any rust re-appearing.
We are experienced in providing specialist blast cleaning, painting and dilapidation services to our residential, commercial or industrial customers.
We provide an out-of-hours service and can work at any time - day, night, weekends or bank holidays to ensure your business remains uninterrupted.


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