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Sandblasting services in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Steam-In offer all kinds of sandblasting services for both domestic and commercial clients, we offer a proffesional, reliable and friendly service at unbeatable prices.


Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to remove graffiti, dirt, grime, paint or rust from a variety of surfaces. It can be used for cleaning and refurbishing anything from commercial, industrial and domestic buildings to cars and smaller individual items.


Our Sand Blasting services include:
Sand Blasting
Shot Blasting
Grit Blasting
Soda Blasting
Wet Blasting
Dust-free Captive Blasting


Sandblasting can be used to remove old paint and rust off all sorts of metal objects from radiators, gates, railings to classic car and bike components.

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Our team can work around the clock to suit your requirements.

We have the expertise and resources to undertake projects of all sizes.

Using only the best sandblasting equipment, we are able to quickly restore your brick work, metal work and woodwork to its original look, whether you're looking to repaint or restore.

We can strip paint or fire damage off fireplaces, interior walls, clean dirt or grime off stone returning them to their original colour.

Sandblasting is ideal to remove lime mortar from stonework ready for re-pointing.
Sandblasting can also be used for the removal of graffiti.
Sandblasting is well suited to stripping back oak beams which have thick black paint on them, so they can then be re-stained, oiled or varnished.

The blasting process also works well on smoke damaged wood or even if you just want the dirt and grime blasted away that has accumulated over the years.


All of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

Cabinet Sandblasting - Used for:

Removal of Corrosion, Mill scale
Cosmetic Surface Finishing
Brazing Removal
Plastics, Composites, Rubber
Deflashing of mouldings
Texturing of plastic surfaces
Coating removal from composites and plastics
Mould cleaning
Epoxy resin removal
Decorative or functional etching
Etching or removal of imperfections
Ageing or distressing wood


We are well known within the industry for providing our customers with a high standard of service and a standard of workmanship that is second to none, which is why our customers make us their first choice for their cabinet blasting requirements.


Sandblasting can be used to remove old paint and rust off all sorts of metal objects from radiators, gates, railings to classic cars and bike components.


Cabinet Blasting essentially involves firing of minute particles under total control. This helps erode or etch away surface contamination that exists in the form of solids. Our expertise lies in the use of proper abrasives in terms of size, shape and metallic nature of a particular item. Cabinet Blasting could be carried out in large dedicated rooms or even in specially built cabinets.


Both manually operated and automated blasters are used for the pre-treatment of metallic items


Cabinet Blasting is used in an enclosed specialised cabinet, using media such as glass bead and steel. It is used in specialist areas, often where attention to detail is required.


Blast cabinet:

This is a closed loop arrangement wherein an abrasive could be recycled after being used. Blast cabinet is an assembly of four separate functions, viz., a cabinet, blasting system, abrasive particle recycling process and, waste particle collection. The cabinet uses both dry and wet processes of blasting; the dry process based on suction and the wet system based on injecting liquid abrasives. Wet process of blasting is used when there is possibility of damage to a metallic surface from the heat generated from friction under a dry procedure.



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